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​ About Siletoa

About   C -RETOUR

What is C -RETOUR? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



It sounds unfamiliar, but

From the two French words Cellule, the acronym C, and Retour.

I named it C-Retour.


"Cell regeneration"

For everyone who wants to be beautiful forever

From the desire to "deliver the power of regenerative medicine to home beauty"

C-Retour was born.

Stem cell supernatant produced by the cell culture technology of "alveolar bone regeneration", which is one of the most difficult in regenerative medicine.
A clinical stem cell supernatant extracted by advanced culture technology, which is also used in the field of regenerative medicine.

That is C-Retour.

7 Reasons to Choose C-Retour

The 7 features of C-Retour​.

7 Reasons to Choose C-Retour

The 7 features of C-Retour​.


01   "Greatly exceeds industry standards * 1, cytokine * 2 content"

What growth factors are included and how much?

The major cytokine content of Siletoa is overwhelmingly high, even when compared to the expensive medical stem cell supernatant products traded on the market.   Regarding the stem cell supernatant for cosmetology (cosmetics), there are many non-clinical products that contain almost no cytokines, but Siletoa is suitable for medical and clinic treatments. Uses the clinical supernatant used. We have also conducted measurements by a third-party organization, and by measuring the content of major cytokines in each culture, we have achieved stable and reliable provision of cytokines.

* 1 The cytokine content is measured and displayed [see Figure 1 below].

* 2 Cytokine is a low-molecular-weight protein secreted from cells and is a general term for bioactive substances. Also called a bioactive protein, it participates in cell-cell interactions and affects surrounding cells. Hundreds of cytokines have been discovered so far and are still being discovered. Among them, growth factors are a general term for endogenous proteins that promote proliferation and differentiation of specific cells.

02   "Trustability"

By whom and by what method?

Siletoa also supports traceability firmly, and the recipe (manufacturing method) of Dr. Shukei Kubo, a regenerative medicine certified doctor who boasts Japan's top class (using regenerative medicine technology) alveolar bone treatment and skin regeneration treatment number . It is used and commercialized in a strictly controlled cell culture processing facility ( CPC * 3 ). Since it is cultivated in a serum-free medium * 4 , sterilization is thoroughly controlled by a clean room and filtering.

* 3   CPC is an abbreviation for Cell Processing Center, and various processing such as cell extraction, culture, differentiation induction, inspection, and preservation used in regenerative medicine, etc. It is a high standard clean room with a HEPA filter that performs.

* 4   Medium is an environment created artificially so that cells and microorganisms can grow easily.


03   "Medium, approval and culture processing facility"

What is the culture environment (medium), culture level, and approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare?

The Osaka Regenerative Medicine Center, which is a culture facility of Siletoa, is a medical institution that boasts a track record of 12 years of regenerative medicine treatment. It is a very rare institution that has been recognized. In Japan, when research institutions, universities, hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, etc. conduct research and treatment of regenerative medicine, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has established "First-class regenerative medicine, etc." It is necessary to obtain approval * 5 for "three-kind regenerative medicine, etc.", but the Osaka Regenerative Medicine Center is relieved because it has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which is necessary for research and treatment of regenerative medicine. Siletoa is a CPC in the Osaka Regenerative Medicine Center that uses only Kubo Doctor's original recipe "serum-free medium" and only growth factors that are secreted up to the medical culture level "P4 equivalent * 6 ". ..

* 5 The "Act on Ensuring Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc. (commonly known as the New Act on Regenerative Medicine)" stipulates the types of types 1 to 3.

* 6 A unit that expresses the culture level [see Fig. 2 below]


04   "Safe and secure donor"

Safe and secure donors that comply with biological raw material standards

In partnership with a domestic cosmetology clinic, Siletoa uses only healthy fats from virus-free Japanese donors. As for the test method, virus check by blood sampling, infectious disease check by bacteria, and other checks for chronic diseases are carried out.

✔︎ Regarding pulp origin and umbilical cord (umbilical cord blood) origin, we are planning to handle it in the future, but if you wish, please contact us separately from the inquiry form.


05   "Stem cell type (origin)"

"Human origin" "Plant origin" "Animal origin (not distributed in Japan)"? There are three main types of stem cells.

Adipose-derived stem cells collected from human subcutaneous fat are frequently used in medicine and beauty, but in addition to adipose-derived stem cells, there are various types such as pulp-derived, umbilical cord (umbilical cord blood) -derived, and bone marrow-derived (details will be described later). The origin exists. There are various production areas such as those made in Korea, those made in the United States, and those made in Russia.

Since we want to deliver high-quality growth factors to many people, Siletoa has adopted carefully selected domestic human fat-derived stem cell conditioned culture medium.

✔︎ Regarding pulp origin and umbilical cord (umbilical cord blood) origin, we are planning to handle it in the future, but if you wish, please contact us separately from the inquiry form.


06   "Freeze-drying that enables long-term normal temperature storage"


Achieves overwhelming cytokine content & room temperature storage that exceeds industry standards.

Until now, growth factors collected from donors had deteriorated unless stored frozen, but with special technology that made it possible to maintain the activity of growth factors, the overwhelming cytokine content that exceeded industry standards was maintained. Succeeded in freeze-drying that can be stored at room temperature and is easy to handle.

Freeze-dried processing backed by reliable technology, there is no cytokine denaturation compared to frozen stock solution, and no preservatives or preservatives are used, so long-term storage is possible. It is a product with high resilience and easy to handle for both medical and beauty use ​.


07   "Many monitor achievements (evidence)"

​ Evidence tells everything.


For the commercialization of P4 or higher supernatant, which is used for stem cell supernatant treatment, stem cell supernatant for beauty treatment, and as a raw material for beauty-related products, Siletoa has not only a large number of monitoring results so far, but also It has a large number of clinical uses and evidence of its effectiveness.


* Figure 1

It is a measured value that measures the growth factor content by the cytokine array after freeze-drying. Especially for ​EGF, the value is overwhelmingly higher than that for medical use.


Main actions of the above cytokines


*Figure 2

C-retour uses only culture supernatants up to culture level P4.

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