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  • 商品の開封や使用感・破損・汚損が見受けられる場合
  • お客様のもとに商品が到着後、7日以内に返品・交換のお申込みをいただけなかった場合
  • 当社が指定する方法以外での商品返送をされた場合
  • 商品ページまたはキャンペーンページ等で返品不可と表記されているご注文の場合
  • お客様都合による返品の場合の送料は、お客様負担となります。
  • クレジットカードにてご購入いただいた場合は、クレジットカードへの返金となります。
C-RETOR オフィシャルオンラインストア


privacy policy


1.First of all

This shop refers to personal information (referred to as defined by Article 2.1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act") when customers use this shop.) We may also collect other personal information about you (hereinafter referred to as "customer information").


When handling customer information, this shop shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and guidelines, as well as the privacy policy established by this shop below (hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy").


2. Applicable target

This privacy policy covers all customer information acquired by this shop when you use this shop.


3. Customer information acquired by this shop

Our shop has the following customer information,

  1. How to enter directly on the service related to this shop,

  2. How customers provide our shop by e-mail, mail, writing, telephone, etc.

  3. How to collect when you use or browse the services related to our shop,

Get it by etc.


  • Information acquired when customers purchase products, etc.

  • Basic information such as customer's name, address, occupation, etc.

  • Information about your contact information such as your phone number and email address

  • Information such as customer's bank account information

  • Other information regarding customers and the purchase of products by customers

  • Other information obtained when you use this shop

  • Information about the use of this shop, such as products purchased by customers

  • Information about your payment status on our shop

  • Cookies, IP addresses, terminal types, mobile terminal identifiers, browser types, browser languages, referrer URLs, platform types, page views, page viewing times, and our shop apps when you use our shop. Or the date and time of the activity on the website

  • Other information regarding the use of this shop by customers

  • Information acquired by our shop when conducting questionnaires to customers

  • Customer's usage status of this shop, requests regarding this shop, etc. Other contents of customer's questionnaire

  • Other information about customer surveys


4. Purpose of use

This shop uses the customer information described in 3. for the following purposes.


Providing services related to this shop to customers, etc.

  • To confirm the purchase of products etc. using this shop

  • For billing, payment and confirmation regarding our shop

  • To provide other services related to this shop to our customers

  • Improvement of services related to this shop and planning of new services, etc.

  • For research and analysis regarding the usage status and usage mode of this shop

  • To conduct a questionnaire about our shop for our customers

  • To send a reward for cooperation in investigations, etc.

  • For improving / improving services related to this shop and planning new services

  • To customize the content of our services to suit individual customers

  • For planning and research and development of new services

  • Others To improve the quality of our service


Guidance on services related to this shop, response to inquiries from customers, etc.

  • To contact and provide information regarding services related to this shop

  • To confirm the application for the e-mail delivery service and deliver the e-mail

  • For campaign information

  • To send prizes, etc. to the prizes, etc. that have been applied

  • To use for information on new products, new services, etc.

  • To inform you of significant changes related to services related to this shop, such as changes in terms of use

  • To respond to customer inquiries, billing, etc.

  • Others To properly contact customers regarding the use of this shop


Advertising, marketing, etc.

  • To deliver, display or measure the effectiveness of our shop's advertisements

  • To implement other measures aimed at advertising and marketing


Management and operation, etc.

  • To confirm the usage status of services and registration information of customers related to this shop

  • To confirm the compliance status of the customer's terms

  • To deal with customers who are suspected of violating the rules or who are found to be in violation of the rules, and to resolve other problems in the operation of this shop.

  • To take other necessary measures to ensure safe use by customers and maintain the quality of services related to this shop.


5. About depositing and providing customer information to a third party

Our shop may provide and deposit customer information to a third party in the following cases. In such a case, if necessary, the shop will examine whether the provider meets the standards set by the shop, and deposit customer information under the appropriate supervision of the shop. We will provide it, and when making a contract, we will consider the contents of the contract so that customer information is properly managed.


  • Deposit / provision to outsourced companies

    • When outsourcing all or part of the business to another company in order to process customer information, provide information to customers, conduct campaigns / questionnaires, and investigate or analyze the usage status of services related to this shop.


  • Deposit / provision to cooperating businesses / partners of this shop

    • When establishing a cooperative / tie-up relationship with other companies, etc. to provide services related to this shop (for the purpose of distributing, displaying or measuring the effect of advertisements of this shop, for advertisement distribution service providers, advertising agencies and other advertisements Includes cases of forming cooperative or tie-ups with related businesses, etc.)


  • Provision to successors, etc. associated with business succession, etc.

    • When a business including services related to this shop is succeeded to another company due to a merger, company split, business transfer, etc. (Including the case where this shop establishes a separate corporation and succeeds the business of this shop to the corporation.)


  • Provision based on laws and regulations

    • When requested by a court, administrative agency, regulatory agency or other public institution to provide customer information based on laws and regulations


  • For dispute resolution with a third party

    • When it is determined that it is necessary to provide customer information in order to resolve disputes with third parties or to secure the rights and interests of customers and third parties of services related to this shop.


6. Management

At this shop, we will strictly manage customer information so that it will not be lost, destroyed, falsified, unauthorized access, or leaked. As mentioned in 5., this shop may outsource the handling of personal information to other companies, etc. In this case, this shop shall supervise the company appropriately.


7. About the use of Google Analytics and cookies

Using Google Analytics

The services related to this shop use Google Analytics to investigate and analyze the usage status and usage patterns of customers. The data collected through the use of Google Analytics is managed in accordance with Google's privacy policy. For more information about Google Analytics and the opt-out procedure, please see "Google Analytics Terms of Service" and "Google's Use of Information Collected from Sites and Apps That Use Google Services."


About the use of cookies

Services related to this shop may use cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of improving convenience, analyzing statistical data, and distributing, displaying, and measuring the effects of advertisements.


Cookies are textual data that is stored on your device when you access services related to our shop.


You can limit or refuse the acceptance of cookies at your discretion by setting your browser, but if you make such a choice, you may not be able to use the services related to this shop normally. I have.


8. Correction of customer information by this shop

If there is a change in the customer information such as the name and zip code of the municipality, the name of the financial institution, etc. that may interfere with billing or payment, the customer information registered in this shop will be changed. We may do it.


9. Confirmation / correction of customer information by customers, disclosure of retained personal data, etc.

Customers can take the following actions regarding the handling of customer information.


  • Confirmation / correction of customer information

    • Customers can check and correct the customer information registered by the customer at any time.


  • Disclosure of retained personal data

    • When a customer requests disclosure of retained personal data or records related to provision to a third party, this shop will disclose it without delay except in the following cases.


  • When there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or a third party by disclosing it

  • When disclosure may significantly hinder the proper implementation of our shop's business

  • When disclosure violates the law


  • Correction of retained personal data, etc.

    • If there is a request from the customer regarding correction, addition, deletion, erasure, suspension of use, suspension of provision to a third party, etc. of the retained personal data, the request will be appropriately authorized by the customer or the person himself / herself. After investigating and confirming that the request is made by an agent and that the request meets the relevant legal requirements, we will respond in accordance with the law. Please note that we may not be able to directly respond to your request due to technical restrictions.


10. Disclaimer / Notes

About the use of websites of other businesses, etc.

This shop is about the protection of customer's personal information etc. on the websites of other businesses or individuals (including the websites that are transitioned by links from the websites used by this shop when providing services related to this shop). We are not responsible. Please check the contents of the website carefully before using it.


Information to verify your identity

Customers are requested to strictly manage the information for verifying the identity of the customer so that it will not be lost, forgotten or leaked to a third party.


11. About changing privacy policy and checking the latest privacy policy

Our shop will change the contents of this privacy policy from time to time.


Please be sure to check the latest privacy policy before using the services related to this shop.


When this privacy policy is changed, this shop shall notify or inform the customer that this privacy policy will be changed, the content after the change, and the effective date thereof. In addition, when the consent of the customer is required by law when changing this privacy policy, this shop will use the shop after the customer's consent (notification or notification of the changed content) regarding the change of this privacy policy. In some cases, or if you do not take procedures such as cancellation of registration within the period specified by this shop, you will be deemed to have agreed to apply this changed privacy policy.)


12. Information about this shop and various inquiries

For inquiries to this shop regarding this privacy policy and various requests to this shop based on this privacy policy and the Personal Information Protection Law, please contact us from this shop's inquiry form.


Last updated: June 20, 2022

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